My Love Story

Today was D-day. Today I had to pluck up all my courage and confess to her. Her?? Oh! Didn’t I mention her? Well she is neither the prettiest nor the most intelligent girl in our class…..But she is the love of my life! She has got something that draws me towards her in an inexplicable way. I don’t even remember how I first talked to her but now I don’t think I can survive without talking to her. Yes, my love is not a love from far rather it’s the secret love I harboured for a close friend. I wonder how she’ll take it today, after all your best friend doesn’t come proposing to you every other day! But I can’t stand it anymore. So now I am willing to bargain our friendship for my selfish love…….

There was her scooty neatly parked at the stand. Oh! How she looked when riding it!!! Her long unkempt tresses ruffled in the wind and played behind her as she drove the thing right past me everyday on the way to college. The way her churni struggled to break open the knot that bound it and to challenge her hair for a round of flying freely…..always mesmerised me. But then I had to stop myself because she was a friend I can’t profess love to. Not anymore….

As I approached the stand, at first I thought I was mistaken. Her scooty had the silver shade as the one in front of me but somehow this one looked different. Now I cursed myself for not remembering the exact details of her scooty!

  “Sanjana, you left your notebook. Here take it”

I swung back in horror….and there she was waiting for her friend to return back her notebook. Oh no Sanjana! Why did you come back so soon? Now what do I do?  For a moment there I stood frozen, my heart pounding as my mind went blank. Without a second thought I just dropped the chocolate on her scooty seat, dashed back to my bike, drove the key into the ignition and started the engine. Once on my bike at flying speed I realised what I had done……finally I had confessed to her!!!

Now what? Did she receive my message properly? I felt like a coward to have given her our favourite bar of chocolate with a scented paper wrapped up inside the cover of the chocolate conveying:
  “We both know each other like the back of each others hand and though I know you may not reciprocate my feelings for you I shamelessly say: I love you
 Yours AC”
AC….she always called me AC-Akshay Chopra. I know she is fond of me though not in love with me. Ah! This was killing me! I shouldn’t have compromised our friendship for the sake of love. Now I feel so guilty to have troubled her with my unbridled feelings. All I can do now is wait for her decision. Whatever happens next I can’t run away.

College for the day was over. As I reluctantly stumbled to my bike I looked up. There on my bike’s seat was something glittering. My heart skipped a beat! Was it true?  Did she love me too? Oh! My heart was about to burst with joy!! As fast as my feet could carry I ran towards it and tore open the wrapper. Out fell a paper. As it glided smoothly to the ground I couldn't bear the suspense, my hopes soaring up as high as ever could be…..

Feverishly I bent down slowly and picked up the paper. It read:

“Dear Akshay,
   I love you too!! It must have taken you so much courage to confess to me. I could never have taken such a big step, giving a cold-shoulder to my family’s reputation and all social norms. But I was so surprised to realise that the guy I love loves me back!! Sanjana told me so much about you that I couldn't help being drawn to you. For our love I am willing to do anything. So when should we officially start dating, I’ll let you decide…..
Awaiting your reply, my love
Yours forever

SANJEEV????? Sanjana’s twin brother???? Oh no!!!!! What have I done!!!!!


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