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After yet another tiresome day at college I dragged my dreary legs to my puny room in our old hostel. Exhausted I fell flat on the bed. Before I could even grab a wink’s sleep I suddenly recalled that I had to check my mail for some assignment. Reluctantly I turned on the laptop and opened  my email. There it was- the 1st mail from our Professor! Oh! How I wanted him to disappear! Then I wouldn't have to struggle to complete the work on time!!
Not bothering to look at the next mails I opened Facebook and turned on the chat. As expected none of my buddies were online. I smirked thinking they must be as dead tired as I was. I was about to log out when I got a message from my elder brother-
“Goodbye, sis”
I knew he was trying to annoy me as usual. Who starts the chat with a “goodbye” after all?  I was too tired to continue with his prank and replied in hurry-
“Go to hell”
I logged out and went back to check my mails. I opened the second mail and froze. It was from my father. It read-