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Tears Lost In The Rain

On a rainy day she was walking all alone. It was raining hard but she had no umbrella. The raindrops fell sharply on her bare skin, piercing and cold. The thin cotton dress that clung to her wet body was just not enough to stop the shivering. She was certainly shivering from the cold…or was she?? The tears that flowed down her cheeks were lost after mingling with the rain on her face. She shivered again as the memory came back to her in a flash.
It happened not too long ago….two months back or was it just yesterday? She had already lost track of time. She hardly remembered anything other than the incident itself. She remembered that the rains had just begun after the hot sultry summers. It was raining hard that day too. But that time she had her umbrella and someone to share it with. She could distinctly remember that rough sturdy yet handsome face and the look in his eyes as he gazed at her lovingly or so she thought. She recalled how he pulled her close to stop the rain from wettin…