Tears Lost In The Rain


On a rainy day she was walking all alone. It was raining hard but she had no umbrella. The raindrops fell sharply on her bare skin, piercing and cold. The thin cotton dress that clung to her wet body was just not enough to stop the shivering. She was certainly shivering from the cold…or was she?? The tears that flowed down her cheeks were lost after mingling with the rain on her face. She shivered again as the memory came back to her in a flash.

It happened not too long ago….two months back or was it just yesterday? She had already lost track of time. She hardly remembered anything other than the incident itself.
She remembered that the rains had just begun after the hot sultry summers. It was raining hard that day too. But that time she had her umbrella and someone to share it with. She could distinctly remember that rough sturdy yet handsome face and the look in his eyes as he gazed at her lovingly or so she thought. She recalled how he pulled her close to stop the rain from wetting her shoulders. Her heart had fluttered then. He was protective till the very last moment. A sad and bitter smile spread across her face at the irony of the thought.

“We need to break up.”
It struck her like a whiplash. Little did she know that this one sentence could shatter her so much. Even before the first of the endless tears that would flow could fall, he turned his back and walked away. Before she could even open her mouth to call out his name, he was gone….. gone from her life….

He gave her no reason why he was gone, why the love between them was over. But she could hate him all that she wanted right? She could couldn’t she? The question drove her mad. She already knew the answer. The memory of the two years that she had cherished him can never be forgotten just because of that one day. He had been so gentle, kind and loving to her always. Even if she could never forgive how cruelly he abandoned her, she could never bring herself to hate him. Oh! How much more pathetic could one be?!!

She reached the corner of the street. She looked up. Her neck ached from all the time she had her head hung down. She didn’t have the energy to massage her neck. It was still raining. A few passers-by bothered to throw her a pitiful glance while the rest just walked past her with no concern. A car passed by, splashing her with the muddy rain water that had collected by the roadside yet she stood there, frozen like a statue. She blinked her eyes to confirm the sight. Was it real? It surely wasn’t any mistake was it? Her eyes weren’t playing a trick on her were they? Was it really him?

Frantically she ran across the street towards him. But she dare not call out his name. What if he is just a figment of her imagination? She can’t bear to see him disappear again. Driven by her forsaken love she followed him. He had his haircut recently she could tell. The way his jet black neatly cut hair met his nape was so handsome that she could never stop marveling at it! Oh! To see him again! How it soothed her aching heart! All those emotions that she was struggling to escape from came surging back in a snap of a finger.

With that steady gait of his he made his way past the street and entered a shop.  She was jolted out of her thoughts. She realized she couldn’t lose him again! She was about to enter the shop when the glass door swung open. A wheelchair was smoothly moved out carrying a woman in her late 60s or so. She bore a remarkable resemblance to him. As he assisted her out she remembered his family  photo. That was certainly his mother! But she didn’t remember her in a wheelchair.

“Aankchii!!!!” she sneezed.

Rubbing her nose she looked in his direction bewildered. And then their eyes met. Before she could shift her gaze, those hazel eyes held her mesmerized. They showed surprise. The surprise slowly changed to guilt and implored her to understand. In a fraction of second everything became crystal clear……

She knew her love had never failed her. She knew he never betrayed her. He had just given up one love for another. Now her heart was in peace. She could forgive him.  Infact she already had……

She smiled at him and gave a quick understanding  nod. He smiled back knowing very well that he was forgiven. As he  wheeled his mother away waving the final goodbye, she realized that the rain had already stopped. But how her cheeks were still wet she wondered as another tear rolled down…………………..…………………………


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  2. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.


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