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Twinkling eyes & curly hair Sweet smile & skin fair A daughter, I’m born Bringing joy...heaven’s boon!
Father’s gentle hands yet strong hold Mother’s warm hug driving away the cold Brother’s taunts that sometimes bring tears Are all that I hold dear!
Then I am a friend to one and all Sharing secrets through telephonic calls We fight, we forgive & we forget For friends are a rare kind to get!
Then seasons change & spring comes Heart beats faster as love dawns Life becomes rosy from his one glance Oh! How lovely to be in love’s trance!
Tears spring when the dream shatters When betrayed, love no longer matters Heart broken , soul bitterly torn I struggle bravely to move on....
Age descends & I seek wisdom A wife, a mother I become Now its my turn to love and care The old and new family I share
This world is different & I new With cautious little steps I make it through Bless my family Lord I pray Everyday gracefully as my hair grows gray
One winter morning clear …