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Once upon a time in the land of Electronics, there lived a young woman called Resistor. She was jovial, amiable and the apple of everyone’s eyes. A just and fair person, she resisted all worldly temptations, leading a plain life.  She had no family except the Wires, who proclaimed to be her distant cousins. She had some doubts about it, but well, she loved them nevertheless. Like all young girls of her age, she was blossoming in her youth and was madly in love with her beloved-charming and magnetic Inductor.  She got introduced to Inductor who was this shy, weird and twisted friend of the Wires but surprisingly they hit it off like two peas in a pod! It was the best thing that ever happened to her. They complemented each other so well; people of Electronics even believed Inductor would wrap his coiled arms around her pointy figure, something that only a true lover would do!

The people of Electronics had a simple livelihood and shared everything with each other. Every day they would h…