Once upon a time in the land of Electronics, there lived a young woman called Resistor. She was jovial, amiable and the apple of everyone’s eyes. A just and fair person, she resisted all worldly temptations, leading a plain life.  She had no family except the Wires, who proclaimed to be her distant cousins. She had some doubts about it, but well, she loved them nevertheless. Like all young girls of her age, she was blossoming in her youth and was madly in love with her beloved-charming and magnetic Inductor.  She got introduced to Inductor who was this shy, weird and twisted friend of the Wires but surprisingly they hit it off like two peas in a pod! It was the best thing that ever happened to her. They complemented each other so well; people of Electronics even believed Inductor would wrap his coiled arms around her pointy figure, something that only a true lover would do!

The people of Electronics had a simple livelihood and shared everything with each other. Every day they would huddle up in the big green field named PCB (Power from Core Battery), and decide on a pattern, either Series or Parallel. Then they would take up their positions and join hands to complete the tradition of becoming one whole body- the Circuit. This connectivity within them and the PCB would reach out to the life energy within them all and generate Direct Current-their staple food. The chief of the land, Mr. Bulb would light up happily all the time, proud of his people and then after completing a hearty meal everyone would slowly disperse to retire for the night. Resistor and Inductor would always join hands to be in Parallel as it made sure everyone got more food and the inherent spark of the current made the fire of their love aglow!

One fine day a new guy walked into their land. He looked very sturdy and strong with his bold plates which he carried with pride. He walked right up to Mr. Bulb and declared,

“O Chief of the land of Electronics! I am Dr. Capacitor. I have brought to your little land the latest and most powerful type of food called the Alternating Current. Please test it today evening and if you like it I can provide you more!”

No one could refuse this exciting prospect of new food and even our couple waited impatiently for the sun to hide behind the horizon, and then finally after forever dusk fell. Everyone scurried to the field and joined hands, full of anticipation. What a big disappointment it was! They all got just a little taste of Alternating Current and like bees drawn to honey, addicts drawn to drugs…they wanted so much more!

Dr. Capacitor was silently observing them from a distance racking his brain as to what went wrong. Then he ran towards Resistor, yanked her hands from Inductor and took his place instead. The surge of current sent everybody in a state of ecstasy. But it was a different experience altogether for Dr. Capacitor. He had never felt this way holding hands with any other woman. The spark through his plates unnerved him. He looked at her, and suddenly their eyes locked onto each other in one fleeting moment. She looked away and ran back to the guy he had disconnected from the Circuit. But he knew she could feel the same.

Inductor hugged her tightly and without a question carried her back home. Resistor was a nervous wreck. She loved Inductor but what just happened? Who was he? How could he affect her so? His deep dreamy eyes flashed before her and she blushed red hot. Oh no! What will the people say? What if her dearest Inductor feels betrayed? He hadn’t spoken a word yet. His coils had grown tighter which she knew was because he was angry but didn’t want to show! She looked at him from the corner of her eyes and found him looking straight at her. Flashing a weak smile, Resistor sighed and looked away.  A million thoughts flooded her mind. What will she do? Inductor or Capacitor?

And thus their love triangle begins….


  1. This is what Engineers do that I never can. You seem one step ahead of your sister. I have always been awed by what Rinaya wrote. Now I believe I have added another to my list. Interesting mix of tech n little...Atta go!

    1. Thank you so much Varsa! Even I had no idea I could come up with this piece! :D

  2. This is what Engineers do that I never can. You seem one step ahead of your sister. I have always been awed by what Rinaya wrote. Now I believe I have added another to my list. Interesting mix of tech n little...Atta go!

  3. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

  4. It is good to see posts that give truly quality information. Your tips are extremely valuable. Thanks a lot for writing this post.Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging.

  5. Diganta, It's just a bang-up job by you.It's really a sci-fi....!


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