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I smile because of you, Both in your presence and your absence Looking into your eyes or simply in remembrance Do you smile in my memory too?
I want to write a song An ode, a poem, just something But can words really convey my feeling? Or speak of how much for you I long?
Your voice reverberates in my mind I yearn to see you when I turn around To your heart mine is now forever bound Only with you pure bliss I find
When you walk towards me wearing a grin My heart skips a beat every time I blush, my joy is so sublime How can I not love you? It would be a sin!
But do you love me back? The question haunts me all night Watching you smile to another is an unbearable sight Am I not your only? Oh! Tell me what do I lack?
Wherever you will lead I’ll follow Whatever you will seek, I will seek too