I smile because of you,
Both in your presence and your absence
Looking into your eyes or simply in remembrance
Do you smile in my memory too?

I want to write a song
An ode, a poem, just something
But can words really convey my feeling?
Or speak of how much for you I long?

Your voice reverberates in my mind
I yearn to see you when I turn around
To your heart mine is now forever bound
Only with you pure bliss I find

When you walk towards me wearing a grin
My heart skips a beat every time
I blush, my joy is so sublime
How can I not love you? It would be a sin!

But do you love me back?
The question haunts me all night
Watching you smile to another is an unbearable sight
Am I not your only? Oh! Tell me what do I lack?

Wherever you will lead I’ll follow
Whatever you will seek, I will seek too
Your laugh makes me happy; your tears make me blue
You are my everything, don’t you know?

Will you ever know of my pain?
The sleepless nights and love-sickness I feel…
The burning passion in the polite smile I conceal
It’s driving me insane!

Can you not see how much I endure?
If only my feelings could ever surface…
Oh! Will you then come in my embrace?
Come save me from my plight, be my cure!


  1. Beautifully PENNED!
    Especially the line "When you walk towards me wearing a grin
    My heart skips a beat every time" is phenomenal!


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