Memories have faded, the fervor has lulled
Tears have dried, the pain has dulled
Love once so blind is now long forgotten
But the weary heart cannot claim to be unbroken
Just sorely mended, scarred forever
Vows to never stir again…ever!

Frail and tender it is bound to be shaken
When a mere glimpse at the past is taken
Though everything’s changed, some warmth lingers
You lament the love that slipped through your fingers
Fret not, look around; there are lessons to be learned
Even Nature scoffs when love is yearned!

Shadows of leaves dancing in harmony
Once rustling in the wind, a soft euphony
Now tumbling down, no longer together
The same wind blows them farther
Thus seasons change and love disappears  
Is it the wind or the leaf that really brings the tears?

A ripple touching another dies fast
Solitary, a moment longer it would last
Doomed like this ephemeral romance
Lives are often lived in love’s trance
Is the fleeting ecstasy worth the sacrifice?
Having just love in life, will it ever suffice?

Love dearly, and it will be your penance
To live on, in your beloved’s absence
For eternal love is in reality evanescent
And the anguish that follows seems incessant
But time elapses, it all comes to an end
Razbliuto is ineluctable, don’t you pretend!


  1. Diganta, I really wonder how you find words like "razbliuto".You have beautifully presented the emotion that lies between Love and Hate.

    1. I really liked the meaning of the word when I came across it first. I had to write something on it! Thanks for appreciating it :)


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