Nobody mourns my untimely death
I cannot foretell my last breath
“A moment longer”, I can only gasp
As you pluck the flower within your grasp

To celebrate life of another
I lay down my life, I’m the flower
That adorns the vase, bouquet and garland
On your terms my life is bargained!

To mourn death of another
I lay down my life, I’m the flower
That dies at the grave not it's own
Bereft, orphaned, withering all alone

Birds and bees only peck, pray tell me
You rip and plunder, by whose decree?
Was I born to be devoured by you or your bovine
Why murder me to please your Valentine?

Don’t cut me to keep the hedge aligned
Don’t tear my petals to read your lover’s mind
Don’t crush me to capture my fragrance in a vial
For every crime you go scot-free, there is no trial

You glorify my colour, my shape, my scent
With art made from my own pigment
With verses that offer no condolence
Your lustful gaze is my death sentence

Watch keenly, before you bring my doom
I'm the bud that takes a while to bloom
I may look still but I'm as alive as you
Let me die only to bear my child, live life anew!


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