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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda  I was a reject. They left me unscathed, with no scars, no scratches. They spared me because I was of no use to them. I wished I was. I wished someone, even Death, would care to embrace me.
I knew it the moment I first felt the golden rays of the sun. I knew from the day I was born that this life will never be easy. I was a foreigner, a stranger here.  I was subjected to ridicule without any mercy.  They treated me like a stray, my only crime, my curse.
In this dense forest of sandalwood I was that lone tree of different birth........
The shrieks of my brothers as they were being sawed from their roots echoed through the hills. The sound of branches being snapped, the crunch of twigs under the monster’s feet, the wailing wind….it seemed an eternity before the forest was calm again. As I watched these monsters haul away every single lifeless trunk, I shed no tear. Years of mockery had rendered …

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there lived a princess. She was the most ugly and stupid lady ever born in this world. But as you can guess she was the luckiest (as is obvious, not everyone is born a princess).Well, what is more important is the fact that she had an amazing ability. She could make anybody within a distance of one metre from her as stupid as herself! So you see the poor princess no matter how rich and worthy of a suitor could never find one!
Now what use is a princess who is never to marry? Even I, as the narrator have no use of her for I can’t continue the love story without a heroine! So, there is this new twist to the princess’s life. Ah! The new twist is I forgot to mention that she was bewitched! An evil sorceress (let’s assume it is someone like Bellatrix from the Harry Potter series) had put a curse on her. So what’s the curse, you must be curious. But sorry dear, you need to be more patient…it’ll be revealed at the end of the story as is customary.
Now where were we? Hm…the …

Break Free

As shadows of the past hover She looks up at the sky to wonder  ?Why is it a torment to remember Those blissful days yonder…
When life was a joyful ride Through carefree days without strife Until the day she became a bride Bound by matrimony bound all life
Her strangled heart screams out loud For the lost freedom that once was abound But her muffled voice is lost in the crowd of all the heaves and sighs so profound.  She sobs in the silence of the night With eyes blurred with tears Awaits a savior to free her from the plight And all fears that she has to conquer

But can she really snap all ties that have strained her all these years Ripped her life and made her sacrifice  ?all that once was so dear

My Love Story

Today was D-day. Today I had to pluck up all my courage and confess to her. Her?? Oh! Didn’t I mention her? Well she is neither the prettiest nor the most intelligent girl in our class…..But she is the love of my life! She has got something that draws me towards her in an inexplicable way. I don’t even remember how I first talked to her but now I don’t think I can survive without talking to her. Yes, my love is not a love from far rather it’s the secret love I harboured for a close friend. I wonder how she’ll take it today, after all your best friend doesn’t come proposing to you every other day! But I can’t stand it anymore. So now I am willing to bargain our friendship for my selfish love…….

There was her scooty neatly parked at the stand. Oh! How she looked when riding it!!! Her long unkempt tresses ruffled in the wind and played behind her as she drove the thing right past me everyday on the way to college. The way her churni struggled to break open the knot that bound it and to c…