Break Free

Illustration by me

As shadows of the past hover
She looks up at the sky to wonder
 ?Why is it a torment to remember
Those blissful days yonder…

When life was a joyful ride
Through carefree days without strife
Until the day she became a bride
Bound by matrimony bound all life

Her strangled heart screams out loud
For the lost freedom that once was abound
But her muffled voice is lost in the crowd
of all the heaves and sighs so profound.
 She sobs in the silence of the night
With eyes blurred with tears
Awaits a savior to free her from the plight
And all fears that she has to conquer

But can she really snap all ties
that have strained her all these years
Ripped her life and made her sacrifice
 ?all that once was so dear


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