The One

Many have come and many have gone
But it's only me, struggling to move on
I miss them...miss you most of all
The void you left behind isn't small

"Let go", a phrase I don't really get
If there was love, how can you forget?
"Time heals all wounds", they say
Then why do I cry everyday?!

You let go of my hand and walked away
Didn't turn back once to look my way
In the world we created, you left me alone
Broken, I strive to live on my own

I engage in work to divert my mind
Start anew, leave the past behind
But memories remain of me and you
Erasing is painful, remembering is too

Past fights are no more a bitter memory
I see I was wrong, "I am so sorry"
I want to make amends, I want you back
I want another chance to fulfill what I lack

Your absence is hard for me to accept
Without you I am lonely and bereft
I cannot forget, I cannot replace
I don't want to give you some space

For we are like two peas in a pod
We belong together, "Thank God"
Our love is true, it's His boon
Please don't give up on it so soon!

What will it take, to be yours again?
Take me in your arms, end my pain
Let me relive our first embrace
The warmth of love as our hearts race....

You still love me, I know you do
Your love outweighs the hurt I gave you
Now that I have turned over a new leaf
There will be joy, no more grief

I promise I will take care
I promise I will be there
I promise I will even read your mind
I'll love you so much, they will call me blind

I pray, you shall be by my side forever
As soulmates that will be apart never
Like no other, my heart you have won
You will always be my...The One


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